Are You an Indigo Soul?

Everything is contained at intervals the encompassing nature of the Divine, nonetheless every facet of the Universe seems as separate and distinctive. Of course, Infinite Consciousness will no place labels on things, solely the mind will this to grasp them. therefore characteristic Indigos from different souls could appear simply a mental exercise to some, since we tend to area unit all one and also the same, and that we all belong to an equivalent Infinite Consciousness time.

However, a bit like energy vibrates at completely different frequencies to make what we tend to understand as material reality, permitting USA to differentiate a tree from a bush, a dog from a wolf, or a rose from a shrub, souls are available in completely different frequencies in addition. i’m not simply pertaining to the actual fact that throughout our soul journey we tend to every accumulate several experiences and impressions, that compose United Nations agency we tend to area unit and the way we tend to understand things as people, however to the actual fact that individual souls is also equipped with a selected “internal computer code,” if you’ll, from the start of their journey-one that connects them to their soul family and also the plane wherever they originated.

Many souls are invited to the current planetary experiment, therefore we’ve return from completely different planets and Universes to participate within the co-creation, evolution, and consciousness enlargement on Earth. every soul kind either has one thing to contribute or was merely drawn to the expertise of physical reality. a number of these souls area unit what’s currently called Indigos.

You may assume it’s all linguistics, that each one souls area unit an equivalent, merely evolving over thousands of years, however that may be like basic cognitive process that each one flowers area unit however biological process states of one original flower. The Universe is way a lot of inventive that that! There area unit many alternative souls out there; I simply specialize in Indigos as a result of i do know them from within out, and my very own journey has been regarding understanding their variations and purpose.

An Indigo would most likely not question that there area unit variations between souls, exactly as a result of Indigos feel terribly completely different from most of the people, and this sense creates a lot of confusion, self-consciousness, and suffering. Indigos conjointly apprehend that the Universe and also the Divine area unit inventive Consciousness in infinite motion which any biological process conceptualization of life continually falls short. we tend to area unit non-linear thinkers.

Indigos and also the New Age of Humanity

Indigos are coming back in increasing numbers over the millenniums, and newer generations area unit currently preparing to populate the earth and establish the New Age of Humanity (the Age of Aquarius), in conjunction with similar souls called Crystals and Rainbows. These area unit most of the children you see currently. several people had to come back before them, however, to pave the manner and facilitate them out by planting the seeds of modification over centuries then eventually parent, teach, and support them. Of course, different soul sorts are incarnating currently, simply in lesser numbers, to try and do an equivalent in an exceedingly few hundred years.

The Indigo youngsters were 1st acknowledged within the 70′s, due to a psychic’s perception of the indigo colorize their aura. This was the colour she saw as a result of Indigos have associate open/active pineal eye (Ajna chakra), that vibrates at an equivalent frequency because the color indigo. Indigo relates to intuition, perception, and rumination. it’s conjointly related to meditation, spirituality, and also the knowledge of the upper mind (buddhi).

Indigo youngsters were represented as a “psychic phenomenon” that caught the media’s attention as a result of a number of them showed paranormal talents (psychic talents associated with the Third Eye), however no one place a lot of thought into what it extremely meant to be associate Indigo, or into the likelihood of adult Indigos or different soul sorts being here.

I went through a few years of psychotherapy and even a lot of years of meditation and non secular practices, in addition as several showing emotion difficult things, before life finally placed all the items of the puzzle ahead of ME to assist ME perceive that i used to be associate Indigo. Once i started clutches that, everything started creating sense, falling into place, if you’ll, and my very own chronicle nonheritable a very completely different which means. it had been as if a weight was raised from ME and that i might finally breathe deeply. For the primary time in my life it had been alright to merely be while not feeling therefore constricted!

In truth, we tend to Indigos tend to measure lives of quiet desperation, feeling that there’s one thing wrong with USA as a result of we tend to feel socially awkward (to completely different degrees) in our arrange to slot in and be a part of a world that primarily doesn’t resonate with USA. nonetheless we tend to love individuals and also the planet, and need to assist and be a part of the action. we tend to query of place till we tend to heal our emotional and non secular wounds, perceive our distinctive internal computer code, and settle for that it isn’t solely alright to be different; it’s completely necessary to alter things.

Since we tend to area unit terribly empathetic, we tend to conjointly have to be compelled to learn to line the boundaries that keep USA connected to United Nations agency we actually area unit whereas still having the ability to induce concerned within the world. If we’ve Indigo youngsters, we tend to share the inner Angst with them and have a tough time setting emotional boundaries, nonetheless at an equivalent time we are able to return up with inventive and liberating ways that of parenting and educating. In truth, we tend to area unit here to remodel the previous ways that into new paradigms.

Some tips to perceive Your Indigo Nature

We Indigos share similarities and nonetheless area unit distinctive in this we’ve assimilated our experiences in individual ways that, as a result of we do not match any explicit mold: we tend to care for individuality and freedom, embrace all polarities, possess a good quantity of inventive energy, and have a robust sense of service. nonetheless our emotional sensitivity and inner knowledge area unit usually in conflict with the globe, that makes USA doubt our self-worth.

Here area unit many pointers that may assist you confirm whether or not you’re associate Indigo or not. These return not simply from my very own expertise, however conjointly from the expression of the many of my Indigo shoppers and my observation of different Indigos (both adults and kids). i do not have to be compelled to see the colour of their auras to acknowledge Indigos, as a result of the manner they categorical themselves is incredibly distinctive. If you’re associate Indigo, then:

You have associate inner sense of being here to accomplish/contribute something: a way of purpose (even if you do not apprehend what it’s yet)
This sense of purpose could be a propulsion that keeps you looking for the which means of your life
You feel like “a intruder in an exceedingly strange land” despite wherever you’re
You have a awfully robust affiliation to animals and nature and can’t bear to visualize them suffer
The ways that of the globe do not be to you and may become overwhelming
The manner individuals relate to every different does not be (especially power-oriented relationships)
You care for freedom and can fight if somebody tries to manage you
You are extremely empathetic and feel the suffering of others deeply
You are supersensitised at several levels, particularly showing emotion, however may also be physically (allergic to stuff)
You conserve the naiveté of childhood despite however previous you get
Your life is associate intense journey-emotionally or otherwise
You are generous and compassionate, and injustice hurts you deeply
You know there’s a lot of to life than meets the attention, and yearn to seek out what it’s all regarding
Religious dogma goes against your nature and inner knowing of the reality
I might endure, however this may provide you with a decent plan of basic Indigo characteristics. All Indigos would like emotional and non secular healing, particularly currently that the earth is shifting into the next dimension, and adult Indigos area unit arousal and feeling the drive to seek out their purpose and be of their life.

If you’d prefer to get a a lot of in-depth understanding of what being associate Indigo is all regarding, visit my computer and check the Indigo Healing Program I supply.