INDIGOS – The New “Breed” Of Kids!

Perhaps you’ve got seen them or perhaps have some yourself. they are happy, sensitive, generally temperamental, and may even be seen as ‘difficult’ or ‘misunderstood’. after you investigate their eyes, you recognize that they’re one thing special – wise recent souls in little bodies. several of whom after they speak, speak a ‘different’ language, speech communication profound and wise things. These square measure youngsters|the youngsters|the kids} being born nowadays on this planet – children that square measure born pure in Spirit, and WHO square measure really a replacement ‘breed’ not like something you’ve got seen in previous generations. These kids square measure The Indigo kids or Indigos.

By now, Indigo, The Movie! has created its debut, introducing the planet to presence of Indigos among United States of America. If you haven’t seen it, simply put, this moving-picture show is a few ostensibly “normal” kid, with strikingly totally different characteristics in temperament and behavior.

But what’s associate Indigo really? Well, in 1982, the term Indigo was coined by psychologist, urban center Tappe, who, in her book Understanding Your Life through Color joined temperament variations – behaviour and character vogue, with the color of people’s auras. The Indigos square measure the ‘new’ reasonably kid – navy blue auras with terribly distinctive personalities.

So however will we establish the Indigos? As a parent, teacher, or caregiver, your initial glimmer is that the sense of a toddler being ‘different’ however not essentially having the ability to pinpoint what that might be. There square measure various characteristics of Indigos, however, several exhibit the common behaviours of: being bored at school, disloyal against social structures, square measure terribly impatient of things that do not leave free selection or can, they feel as if they do not belong here and generally life is commonly painful. they will be misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD, Autism, or square measure labeled as ‘misunderstood’, ‘difficult’, and/or ‘unable to suit in or get along’. Often, they need ‘hot’ temperaments and a warrior-like furiousness once fighting for a cause particularly once eager to be detected and understood. Physically, Indigo kids will have robust aversions to specific foods like wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, dyes and even chemicals and artificial materials. Conversely, Indigos square measure bright and inquisitive, and extremely smart – they continually raise thoughtful, perceptive queries, and question everything. several of those kids square measure terribly intuitive and exhibit psychic ability – they merely appear to ‘know things’. They even have an excellent fellow feeling for animals, nature, and rocks and square measure terribly creative or precocious in many areas. they’re conjointly capable of standardisation or honing in alternative people’s emotions – nothing slips by them.

As with all kids, the Indigos return as complete perfection, into a ostensibly imperfect world. however there’s nice inequality between the energy of their Higher knowledge inside them and also the energy of this world. it’s the inequality thus, that causes these kids usually feel confused, rebel, act out their pain, and a few older or Adult Indigos usually feel unsafe or suffer from depression. They feel discomfort being in their bodies, and plenty of have problem addressing life. And spiritually, they usually feel battered and contusioned. the issue lies not solely in these kids not having a full aware understanding of a way to slot in a world that doesn’t essentially support them at this point in its evolution, however conjointly for folks, guardians, teachers, and friends, on a way to counsel and guide them through these ‘rough’ waters.

It is equally vital to understand tho’, that these kids acquire this world by selection. They absolutely understand that they need associate inner agenda – by demonstrating their ‘differences’ through their speech, thinking and behavior, they assist United States of America in breaking recent paradigms of perception, behaviour and overall ways that of being. In alternative words, the Indigos square measure the new generation of superheroes that facilitate expand the concsiousness and evolution of this world.